Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Anna migrated to the United States in 1972. She attended Rutgers University in New Jersey and then moved to Hawaii in 1980. Her first job was with the Kaiser Foundation Hospital, but she soon found her real calling in her first retail job with Royal Hawaiian Gems in Waikiki. RHG was a Japanese owned watch company that housed more than 50 distinctive brands of renowned Swiss watches. She started out in part time sales and she was the store manager and buyer when she left in 1994 to join Ferragamo. The 11 years she spent with RHG was her foundation for her retail career.

She was recruited as store manager for Ferragamo Salon at its’ Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center location in 1994. This was the peak of the Ferragamo era. In 1997 she left Ferragamo to join Duty Free Shops as their assistant store manager in the Duty Free section. She oversaw day to day operations for 7 Duty Free boutiques Duty Free. She was with DFS for a short few months before she was tapped to be the manager for the fine jewelry department at Neiman Marcus. She was with NM from 1998 to 2003.

In April 2003, she started her own company - The Meng Dynsaty. Now, where did this name come from? Anna and her sister were called The Meng Dynasty while both working at RHG and Anna thought it was an easy name to remember since Meng is her last name. Meng is a rare last name for Chinese. Mengfuscious was Confusious' #1 student. Anna and her siblings are Mengfuscious' 76th direct descendents.

The Meng Dynasty started out as a fine jewelry and watch company. In 2004, Anna was pointed toward the direction of Chinese fresh water pearls by a very good friend with a very good source. She really didn't have much feeling toward these Chinese fresh water pearls until her customers and friends started pulling these pearls right off her neck when she had them on. That's when Anna realized she had hit a gold mine. Since 2004, she’s been developing her bridge line which is a true representation of her creativity. She mixes Chinese fresh water pearls with semi precious stones, antique beads, or ornaments that she finds from various antique markets in China. This started out as a fun line but it has evolved into a major collection. Her bridge lines are in Anne Namba’s boutique in kaka'ako and Chelsey’s boutique in Manoa.

In 2007, Anna and her good friends produced a reality dance TV show - Destination Groove Dance Hawaii. The purpose was to showcase the talented young dancers in Hawaii. In 2010, Anna and her friends once again are the executive producers for Melveen Leed's concert at Hawaii Theatre produced by Marianne Morrison.

Happily married, Anna celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary 2009. Her children are her 2 dogs - Miki and Kaiko. She enjoys golfing and ball room dancing. Her love of travel allows her to travel extensively for her business. Anna and her husband visited Tibet in 2009 and a bridge line collection for Fall 2009 was heavily influenced by her Tibetan travels, and has been very well received. She attended the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and that was a priceless experience. In 2010, they will be visiting the World Expo in shanghai.
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